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Woodlake, IL

Wood Lake, IL
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Welcome to Wood Lake, IL, population 5,000.

A fictional town an hour's drive south of Chicago, Wood Lake is a quiet, sleepy little Midwest town settled on the shore of a small, man made lake. Not a lot goes on in Wood Lake - people go to school and work part time jobs, adults work just to make the money to take trips into Chicago on the weekends and life, life is easy. Two schools, kindergarten to sixth and seventh to twelfth, sit in the middle of town, surrounded by a shopping plaza, locally owned food joints, and a library. The citizens are usually working or learning, drinking with buddies on the weekends or just hanging out and being themselves in town.

It's time to step back from the fast-pace of the big city games and just relax where life is quiet and fun, where you can hang out in your friends' basements and just dork out over movies, video games and hang out and drink because what else is there to do?


Pete Wentz
Joe Trohman
Andy Hurley
Ray Toro
M. Shadows
The Rev
Johnny Christ
Alex Gaskarth
Gabe Saporta
Nate Novarro
Ryland Blackinton
Travis McCoy
Craig Owens
Jack Marin

Mod AIM Contact:

  • Use common sense. This cannot be stressed enough.
  • A maximum of three characters
  • Put a disclaimer somewhere in your journal, whether it is an actual post or in the profile.
  • Except for the disclaimer, all posts in both communities and in your journal should be friends locked. Make sure that all communities, the mod journal, and all characters are added to your friends list.
  • Updates are to be done at least once every two weeks, with at least 10 lines.
    • Lyrics, videos, and surveys do not count as an update.
    • You can update as often as you like, just make sure that an actual update is done.
    • After three weeks, you will be given a warning for not updating.
    • If the warning is ignored and no update is done after another week, you will be cut from the game.
  • Do try to interact with other members. The people in Wood Lake are supposed to be intertwined because of the small town setting; it's not going to happen if characters don't all interact in some way.
  • Your must have an aim and a livejournal for your character.
    • Your character's journal must have their name incorporated in it.
  • Scene playing should be done in 3rd person past tense storybook. Aim scenes should be done in 1st person present tense.
    • OOC should be done in brackets, except for in the storyline community.
  • Do not godmod.
  • No one has a perfect character; don't play one.
  • Do not mix OOC and IC. Things that happen OOC are not to be brought into the community through your character. If there are any problems with this, contact a mod immediately and they will deal with it.
  • Male pregnancy does not exist in the real world, and it doesn't at Wood Lake. A regular pregnancy and/or a pregnancy line must be run past a mod ahead of time. If you're planning on bringing an already-pregnant character into the community, please contact a mod.
  • Engagements between characters is acceptable. However, for characters to get married, the marriage must be approved by a mod.
  • You cannot kill off your character if you are done playing them. If you're done playing that character, then drop them.
  • This is a mature game with mature content, not limited to and including: sex, drugs, violence, etc. If you cannot handle that, then please do not join.

Last, but not least, the moderators have the final say and complete authority in the game. We will remove people if we find out they are causing problems or becoming a hindrance to the community. Feel free to contact a mod at any time with any comments, questions, or concerns.
By applying, you agree to have read and understood the rules above. If your application is rejected, it is most likely because it is not up to community standards. You are free to reevaluate and revise your application and apply again.

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